Talent Concept

Always believe that human resources are important resources, and respect the values ​​of people-oriented and serving the society. Excellent talents are the cornerstone of the development of the electrical industry; implement the talent strategy, establish a dedicated, united, and innovative team of high-quality talents, promote the construction of two civilizations in the enterprise, and provide reliable human resources guarantee for the development of the enterprise.


Strategic Planning 

1. Efforts to cultivate a team of business management personnel with strategic thinking ability and modern business management level, pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility. Ensure efficient, scientific and harmonious corporate management.

2. Efforts to cultivate a team of professional and technical personnel with innovative spirit and high level, strengthen the independent innovation ability of the enterprise, and ensure that the company's products maintain a technologically leading edge.

3. Strive to build a team of high-level, disciplined and skilled technicians to ensure product quality.


Strategy implementation

1. Recognizing talents: Recruit all kinds of outstanding management talents, technicians, and skilled workers in a fair and just way through multiple channels such as the Internet, the human market and social relations recommendations. Pay attention to identifying talents in practical work.

2. Educating talents: The internal training of the company is to improve the staff's job skills, recognize the company's corporate culture, and create the necessary means for high-quality employees that meet the requirements of the company. The overall quality of the employees must be continuously improved through training. We must attach importance to practice, high standards and strict requirements, and cultivate various talents.

3. Use talents: Provide a platform for employees to display their talents, make the best use of their talents, and enable employees to grow and improve simultaneously with the company.

4. Gathering talents: Adhere to the people-oriented management concept, establish a management system, incentive mechanism, and distribution system for outstanding talents, attract and retain talents with developing careers, favorable treatments, and human management, so that people with real talents Become the main force of the company's development!